New 3rd Party Firmware for X6100 (Video)



Here is a short video from KM9G presenting the community developed firmware and application for Xiegu’s X6100 by R1CBUCT7ALW.

What makes the X6100 very special is that is a Linux based machine mashed-up with a self contained HF transceiver. This opens up the radio for experimentation in a way no other commercial transceiver offers. A big part of the amateur radio hobby is to experiment, and now there is a transceiver making this possible in new ways.

So if you thought that the X6100 is a great self contained SDR transceiver that you can bring anywhere, you might now also consider it for its ability to load your own applications.

Please note that warranty is only valid when using the original firmware from Xiegu. Xiegu or Pileup are not responsible for failure cased by third party firmware and applications. Use third party applications at your own risk. If unsure, follow forums and discussions you trust to determine what applications are safe to use. That being said, amateur radio is about experimentation and the X6100 has potential to bring some new thinking to the amateur radio hobby.

Read more about the X6100 portable, self contained SDR transceiver here.