What is NEW with the FLEX-8000 Series?

FlexRadio announced the FLEX-8000 Series line of HF/6m Transceivers on Friday May 17 at Dayton Hamvention. In this post we take a closer look at the upgrades and new features.

First of all let’s point out that the new FLEX-8000 series is based on the very successful 6000 series of SDR Transceivers. All features of the 6000 series remain in the new 8000 series. What is new is that the 8000 series gets more “horsepower under the hood”, which allows for new features. The physical appearance stays the same with minor adjustments on the back panel. Hear FlexRadio’s Michael Walker, VA3MW, explain more about the new 8000 series in this Video by Ham Radio 2.0.

FlexRadio 8000 Revealed at Hamvention

 FLEX-8000 Series News Summary

  • Adaptive Pre-Distortion (APD)
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Digital Wideband, ability to transmit and receive over 40kHz of bandwidth
  • Visibility of all HF/6m amateur bands in single, unified panadapter
  • Integrated GNSS Satellite reception
  • Integrated NTP Server

SmartSDR Updates Summary

  • Improved Noise Reduction (NR)
  • PGXL and TGXL control integration in SmartSDR
  • Analogue meters

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