FlexRadio Announces FLEX-8000 Series


FlexRadio announces FLEX-8000 Series, a new line of HF/6m transceivers, available August 2024. 

FlexRadio press release below;

The Next Generation of SDR Solutions to the Amateur Community

Austin, Texas—May 17, 2024: FlexRadio Systems, a global leader in software defined radio (SDR) and HF communications, announced today the FLEX-8000 Series line of HF/6m transceivers.

The FLEX-8000 Series next-generation SDRs build on the success and original idea of the FLEX-6000 series. Like the FLEX-6000 before it, the 8000 series contains ground-breaking new hardware capabilities and performance to enable next generation capabilities that are simply not possible on earlier hardware. Broad increases in CPU, FPGA, attached memory, and other capabilities have been included in the FLEX-8000 to lay the groundwork for innovations now in development.

Chief among the early capabilities is Adaptive Pre-Distortion (APD), bringing the cleanest signal possible from an Amateur Radio platform. The FLEX-8000 series will be FlexRadio’s native APD platform with all FLEX-8000 radios having this capability. Also included in all FLEX-8000 models is an integrated, standard Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) capability and future integrated NTP time server. This capability will ensure that all FLEX-8000 radios always remain on frequency. Without any view of the sky, the FLEX-8000 can continue to run on the internal TCXO.

The FLEX-8000 Series line will consist of four models: the FLEX-8400, the FLEX-8400M, the FLEX-8600 and the FLEX-8600M. All models incorporate the latest in FPGA, ADC, and CPU technology offering 4x the CPU power of the 6000 series and twice the performance in the FPGA over the FLEX-6000 series allowing for exciting new features and capabilities over time.

Debut at Dayton Hamvention

FlexRadio will be demonstrating this next generation of transceivers at the Dayton Hamvention held in Xenia, Ohio, May 17 – 19, 2024. All models incorporate FlexRadio’s industry leading software, SmartSDR, and all units will ship with the latest version release when available. Units are expected to start shipping in the August timeframe.

The first 400 customers that place an order for any variant of the FLEX-8400 or FLEX-8600 series will get a signature series nameplate on the bottom of their radio with our 20th anniversary edition logo, as well as signatures of all those involved in bringing this product to market.


PileupDX.com will be stocking the new FLEX-8000 series. Customers currently having a transceiver on backorder will be upgraded to the new 8000 serie equivalent model without extra cost. 

Explore the new FLEX-8000 Transceivers in our FlexRadio department.