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Designed by zerofox3D, Bender is the wildly popular case for the Heltec V3 LoRA Meshtastic powered Radio node. It features a bay for an 18650 battery and support for a full size SMA connector so a variety of antenna’s can be used. Just add your own HeltecV3 and you have a Meshtastic node!

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  • SEK: 463 kr

Bender Case for HeltecV3 is designed to sit on a desk or window ledge, a “home node” as such. There is even a power switch to save you going into the app to power down the device. Assembly requires no screws or glue with everything clipping together securely. You can see a video demonstrating how to assemble Bender on YouTube here.

The Bender case was featured in videos by both Andy Kirby here and Lewis at Ringway Manchester here.

You simply need to add a HeltecV3 and an 18650 battery. The power switch is pre-soldered into the wire (no-soldering required again!)

What is PLA Bioplastic?

All our models are printed in a Bioplastic material called PLA (Polylactic acid) that is made from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. It’s classed as 100% biodegradable but is still quite tough and has a melting point of over 170C. It won’t deform unless heated to over 70C, but still best not leave a model in the sun for too long!

Your purchase includes

  • The Bender Case, 3D printed
  • 18650 battery holder with JST connector and power switch pre-installed
  • High quality Female SMA cable
  • SMA Hex tool (for tightening the SMA cable nut!)

All 3D prints have a texture due to the nature of how they are created, being printed layer by layer. zerofox3D print using 0.4mm nozzles which allow great detail with a fine texture.

Installation Video

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