The FLEX New Maestro C

The New FLEX Maestro C is Here!

Whats new with the new FLEX Maestro model C you might ask? In this video Kyle AA0Z  interview FlexRadio’s Michael Walker to get you all updated about the new Maestro model C.

The New FLEX Maestro C Key Points

  • Design, look and feel the same as model A and B
  • New power button (same as M Models) with updated functionality
  • Back panel redesigned, uses TRS, TRRS and xxx jack for all connections except power
  • 24 Volt Power Supply
  • Internal battery optional (to be sourced locally to avoid shipping problems)
  • Same big 8″ screen size, but better resolution
  • RadioSport Headset Cable in Stock
  • RadioSport RS55SL Headset works out of the box, also in stock

The new FLEX Maestro C starts shipping mid March, 2024. You find all about it on the link below.

Maestro product page