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Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz Portable SDR Transceiver

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Xiegu X6100 is a revolutionary self-contained 10 watt HF and 6m SDR transceiver with a large color displayautomatic antenna tuner and a built-in high capacity battery.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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BNC male to SO239 female adapter

BNC male to SO239 (UHF/PL) female adapter for connecting antenna with UHF connector to Xiegu X5105 or other transceivers with BNC antenna connector.

Xiegu L4001 Accessory Control Cable

Amplifier control cable for Xiegu X6100 and XPA125B amplifier.

XPA125B 100W Solid State Linear Amplifier

Xiegu XPA125B is a small and lightweight 125 watt HF and 50 MHz solid state linear power amplifier perfect for your QRP radio or low power SDR transceiver. It has a built in automatic antenna tuner, automatic protection circuits and a big and bright display for monitoring the amplifier status.

FTDI Serial Cable for Xiegu Com Port

This the genuine FTDI USB to TTL cable for connecting Xiegu transceivers to a PC to allow for firmware upgrades and CAT control. Genuine FTDI chip guarantee compatibility and functionality.

Xiegu X6100 is an ultra-portable SDR transceiver (Software Defined Radio) for HF and 6m. High performance and rich functionality is provided by a direct down-conversion and sampling architecture. With its compact size and smart form factor X6100 brings you a brand-new experience of amateur radio.

X6100 has independent baseband and RF units. The baseband unit provides control, advanced data processing, digital signal processing, multimedia interface functions, and can add new functions continuously through firmware updates. The RF unit is based on the SDR structure with separate transmit and receive paths. With a 24bit sampling rate and large dynamic RF front-end unit, the X6100 is a high performance transceiver that lets you work the world when you’re out on an adventure in nature, in the camper or on a beach far away.

X6100 sports two USB interfaces, one USB to serial adapter with sound card and another to support mouse, keyboard and storage devices. A microSD card slot allows for backup and transfer of memory channels and voice keyer recordings. An XPA125B amplifier can connect via with a dedicated cable (optional accessory) to provide for 100W transmit power. External third-party SDR software applications like HDSDR can be connected via the I/Q signal output.


Xiegu X6100 Key Features

    • HF/50MHz all mode including data
    • 10 W transmit power with external power source, 5 W with internal battery
    • 4″ high-resolution color screen, 800*480 pixels resolution
    • Built-in rechargable large capacity lithium battery pack, 12V/3,5 Ah
    • Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
    • Standing wave scanner
    • Voice memory keyer
    • CW memory keyer
    • Native Bluetooth and WiFi supports wireless audio, keyboard & mouse
    • Onboard USB serial adapter with sound card
    • Second USB host port to support mouse, keyboard and storage device
    • High stability TCXO internal clock source


Xiegu X6100 General Specifications

    • Frequency coverage: 0,5-30+50-54MHz (Transmit in Ham Bands)
    • Operating modes: USB/LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), FM (F3E),RTTY (F1B), AM (A3E)
    • Minimum Frequency Step: 1 Hz
    • External power supply voltage: DC9-15V
    • Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm within 10~30min after startup @25°C: 1ppm/hour
    • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Antenna connector type: BNC
    • Operating temperature range: 0C to +50C
    • Current consumption: RX: <330mA, TX: <3A


Xiegu X6100 Receiver Specifications

    • Frequency coverage: 0,5-30+50-54MHz
    • Receive sensitivity (10dBS/N)
      • (PRE=on, ATT=off, NB=off,NR=off, SSB/CW/AM = 10dB S/N, FM = 12dB SINAD)
      • SSB/CW: 0.20 uV
      • FM 28-30, 50-54 MHz 0.22 uV
      • AM 0,55-1,79 MHz: 10 uV
      • AM 1,8-30 MHz: 2 uV
      • AM 50-54 MHz: 2 uV
    • ADC: 24 bit
    • Spectrum display bandwidth: 96 kHz
    • Spectrum refresh rate: 25 frames/a
    • Spectrum background noise: -140 dBm
    • Audio output: 0,4W (4 Ohm ≥10% THD)
    • 2kHz BDR (Critical frequency suppression): ≥110 dB
    • RMDR: ≥85 dB
    • IMD3: ≥95 dB
    • MDS: -138 dBm


Xiegu X6100 Transmitter Specifications

    • Frequency range
      • 1.8~2.0 MHz
      • 3.5~3.9 MHz
      • 5.3515~5.3665 MHz
      • 7.0~7.2 MHz
      • 10.1~10.15 MHz
      • 14.0~14.35 MHz
      • 18.068~18.168 MHz
      • 21.0~21.45 MHz
      • 24.89~24.99 MHz
      • 28.0~29.7 MHz
      • 50~54 MHz
    • Output Power: 10W (SSB/CW/FM) @13.8VDC
      • 2.5W (AM carrier wave) @13.8VDC
    • Output Power, internal battery: 5W
      • 1.5W (AM carrier wave) @ battery
    • Spurious suppression: 1.8~29.6MHz: ≥50dB
      • 50-54 MHz ≥60 dB
    • Carrier suppression: ≥50dB
    • SSB Frequency Response: 300-2700Hz (-6dB)
    • FM Modulation Swing; +/- 5kHz
    • Mic Impedance: o,2-10k (600 Ohm typical)
    • Antenna tuner tuning impedance range: 1:4.5
    • Antenna tuner initial tuning time: ≥ 15s
    • Antenna tuner memory recall time ≥ 0.2s


Xiegu X6100 Wireless network/Bluetooth

    • Wireless LAN standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
    • Authentication and encryption: WEP (64/128bit)
    • WPA2-PSK(AES)
    • Frequency band: 2.4G
    • Bluetooth version: 4.0

Xiegu X6100 General Specifications

    • Dimensions: 180 x 86 x 49 mm
    • Weight: 880 g (radio unit only)


Xiegu X6100 In the Box

    • X6100 radio unit complete with antenna tuner and internal rechargeable battery
    • Microphone with backlit remote control keypad
    • Serial cable for PC connection
    • 12 Volt DC power cord
    • English manual
    • Xiegu Service Card


Xiegu X6100 Suggested Accessories


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  1. Jonas Walther

    Mycket trevlig radio med stor potential.
    Firmware 1.1.7
    Väldigt nöjd.

    Very nice radio with great potential.
    Firmware 1.1.7
    Very satisfied.

    Jonas Walther

  2. Oliver Helmer-Borsutzki (verified owner)

    Great little box, worked well. I got it with FW 1.1.5. With FT8 on 20m I reached Japan/Algeria/Brazil and entire Europe from Germany with 5W at the first attempt. I have to test the several other options but first brief test is very promising. 73! DL1OT

    Oliver Helmer-Borsutzki

  3. Posch Gerhard (verified owner)

    At the Firmware V1.1.5.2804 ist works perfekt. Great Rig! With 5W and 10m Wire, worked all Europe!

    Posch Gerhard