Application Notes

Whenever you look for an idea or need an instruction to set up for specific functionality, check this page for an application note. You might find that someone else already gone through the trouble to figure out the setup you need.

Chameleon Antenna

Each Chameleon product come with extensive manuals with useful applications notes. Please download the Chameleon manual of the product you search information for.

Expert Electronics

Expert Electronics SDR Transceivers and Receivers – Visit‘s collection of notes.


EQ settings for ModMic and SunSDR2 DX/PRO/QRP & MB1 – Instructions on how to adjust the SunSDR2 transmit equaliser to get that crisp and punchy SSB audio for busting pileups.

EQ settings for Modmic and Elecraft K3 (coming soon) – Suggested settings for the K3 TX equaliser. Also provides a good starting point  for other transceivers with similar EQ setup.

Lab599 TX-500

Coming soon

Share your knowledge

Have your own application note to share with other SunSDR users? We are happy to post verified application notes on this page. Please send your application note to