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Paradar 868 Mhz Outdoor Yagi 12.5dBi


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High-gain (12.5 dBi), lightweight, directional antenna for outdoor use at 868MHz. Lightweight, high-quality components provide optimised range for Meshtastic nodes and Helium hotspots, as well as for drone and glider (FLARM or OGN) applications.


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In stock (can be backordered)

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Paradar 868Mhz Outdoor Yagi 12.5dBi Features

  • 8-element tuned yagi antenna from aluminium tube: 12.5dBi gain with very low SWR @ 868MHz (less than 1.5)
  • Beamwidth – 45° (horizontal) / 41° (vertical), horizontally polarised
  • Impedance – 50Ω @ 868MHz. When measured with a DC multimeter, it is normal for this antenna to appear short circuit.
  • Weight – 600g including mounting kit / Length – 800mm
  • N-female connector on 290mm pigtail
  • Designed for use with Meshtastic, FLARM, OGN, LoRa and other 868MHz applications

Designed for harsh outdoor use

  • Rated to wind speeds up to 215km/hr (60m/s).
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to 60°C. UV resistant and waterproof.
  • Pole clamp included (suits 35mm to 50mm pole diameter).

Installation notes

  • Ensure all outdoor connectors are taped with self-amalgamating tape (not electrical tape)! Water will seep through screw threads over time, and will permeate your cable and antenna via the exposed connectors, causing performance to mysteriously drop some days or weeks after installation.