NEW: X6100 HF/50MHz Portable SDR Transceiver

Xiegu recently released news about their next latest project, the X6100 HF/50MHz Portable SDR Transceiver. And we are exited!

Xiegu X6100 is an ultra-portable SDR transceiver (Software Defined Radio). High performance and rich functionality is provided by a direct down-conversion and sampling architecture. With its compact size and smart form factor X6100 brings you a brand-new experience of amateur radio.

Xiegu X6100 Key Features

    • HF/50MHz all mode including data
    • 10 W transmit power with external power source, 5 W with internal battery
    • 4″ high-resolution color screen, 800*480 pixels resolution
    • Built-in large capacity lithium battery pack, 12V, 3,5 Ah
    • Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
    • Standing wave scanner
    • Voice memory keyer
    • CW memory keyer
    • Bluetooth and WiFi supports wireless audio, keyboard & mouse
    • Onboard USB serial adapter with sound card
    • Second USB host port to support mouse, keyboard and storage device
    • High stability TCXO internal clock source

Production of X6100 is planned to commence in late October and we expect the first deliveries sometime in November.

Visit the new X6100 product page for more information, photos and to pre-order your X6100 now!