Lab599 TX-500 – Finally it is Here!

This week, on July 1st we received the first shipment of the long-awaited TX-500 transceiver from Lab599, and we started shipping preorders the day after, on July 2nd.

Jaan SM0OEK was the 1st EU customer to preorder a TX-500, he was therefor invited to the Pileup offices to pick it up in person. Jaan is a dedicated portable operator, and you will hear him activate various SM mountain tops with his new TX-500 this summer.

Sales of the TX-500 continue to be on a preorder basis for at least another two to three months as we continue to fill remaining preorders. The second production batch is expected to be delivered in August, the third at the end of September. If you preorder your TX-500 today delivery is expected in late October early November.

On behalf of our staff and the hard-working people at Lab599 we like to thank our preorder customers for your patience during the certification process and your support by pre-ordering this new and exciting transceiver!