Pileup Launches Xiegu.eu

Xiegu Logo

Pileup Communications continues to grow its online amateur radio sales business by launching Xiegu.eu, a concept store for Xiegu amateur radio transceivers, amplifiers and accessories.

It is now over two years since we first started to work with Xiegu. We find their transceivers, power amplifiers and accessories to be of high quality and their technical team innovative and responsive to our and our customers feedback.

Similar to the successful SunSDR.eu concept store we are now launching the Xiegu.eu store to support our European Union and export customers with the innovative and high quality products from Xiegu paired with the superior service and suport that made SunSDR.eu and PileupDX.com one of the fastest growing European amateur radio dealers.

Now there is an option to buy the Xiegu range of transceivers, power amplifiers and accessories in the European Union and get the support and warranty only a EU registered business can provide.

To celebrate the launch of Xiegu.eu we are offering a unique Xiegu wrist watch free to any customer who orders both a transceiver and a power amplifier. See link below for more information on this launch promotion.

For more information about Xiegu.eu or Pileup Communications, please contact us at info@pileupdx.com. Please also visit Xiegu.eu today!