SMΩRF RF Vector Signal Meter


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SMΩRF™ RF Vector Power Meter for measuring all kinds of Power, SWR, Impedance, Phase and Transmission Lines with built-in audio signal generator, oscilloscope and Internet connectivity. SMΩRF™ from microHAMis the most powerful and accurate, in-line RF Vector Signal Meter to date with accuracy rivalling professional instruments.

Power sensors ordered separately.

The SMΩRF™ RF Vector Power Meter has been discontinued. We recommend the MetroPWR range of Vector Power Meters.

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SMΩRF™ connects to the power RF signal by remote sensor, available in several models for power levels up to 12KW and frequencies from 1.8MHz up to 500MHz. The SMΩRF™ can simultaneously measure two independent signals from any two sensors and shows measurement results on its front panel or computer.

HF + 6m sensors are provided in three models for 3kW, 6kW (1.8-54MHz) and 12kW (1.8-30MHz) maximal peak power. VHF/UHF sensors (70-500MHz) are provided in two models for 2KW and 6KW maximal peak power.
Vector measurements (signed complex impedance measurement) are provided with all sensors.

SMΩRF™ is not only desktop instrument but Internet enabled device too. Using native IEEE 802.3 Ethernet port provides all measurement results directly to your remote computer, tablet or phone over LAN or the Internet. Does not require local computer. For remote connectivity provides free, open TCP protocol based, high speed Remote Control application for the Windows and macOS, as well as internal HTTP and VNC server for maintenance access from the web browser and VNC viewer (Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android).

Every SMΩRF™ base unit, every Sensor, and every Sensor Cable connecting the sensor is individually calibrated on regularly calibrated laboratory instruments (ISO/IEC17025, NIST traceable) using specialized, temperature and computer controlled setup in our lab. The SMΩRF™ and the Sensor keep calibration data in their memory and every Sensor Cable is provided with the unique Calibration Certificate containing calibration table.

SMΩRF™ measures frequency and automatically applies all these calibration data in real-time to provide measurements with ultimate accuracy. Changing or adding new Sensor does not require any factory or user recalibration. In addition, the SMΩRF™ provides simple, built-in calibration process for custom sensor cables if supplied cables are not long enough for user’s application, without any requirement for external metering equipment. You are always at the best accuracy.

SMΩRF Features

Main features:

  • Operating frequency from 1.8 – 500MHz.
  • Signed phase metering up to 500MHz.
  • Two points of measurement, at the sensor point and at the antenna point.
  • Phase measurement between sensors.*
  • Real time temperature compensation in the meter and the sensor.
  • Every meter and every sensor individually calibrated for the best accuracy. Temperature controlled, computer automatized calibration setup makes over 10,000 calibration points in each meter and over 100 points in each sensor. Calibrated per port for level, frequency, phase, and temperature.
  • Dual, high speed, three color, user adjustable auto-ranging LED bar graphs with configurable peak hold.
  • Very wide viewing angle, sunlight readable, high contrast graphics OLED display.
  • Multiple, user configurable display screens for powers, impedances, waveform, spectrum, IMD …
  • Single and Dual channel modes, auto mode for SO2R, special 4IN direct input mode.
  • User configurable alarms (SWR, High Power, Low Power, PSK IMD, Arcing) in three stages (Warning, Alarm, Fault) for two power levels on per sensor, per band basis.


  • Internet enabled, native IEEE 802.3 Ethernet port for remote connectivity, no computer required.
  • Internal HTTP server for seamless access from the computer browser for status checking, maintenance and firmware updates. No drivers, no specialized software installation.
  • Internal VNC server for remote access to complete setup.
  • Dedicated TCP port for high speed remote control applications, open protocol.
  • Free Remote Control application provided for Windows and OS-X.
  • Legacy RS232 port.
  • High purity, DDS based test signal generator (single/dual tone, noise) for linearity and bandwidth tests.
  • Two keying, configurable ports (2x IN, 2x OUT) for protections.
  • iLINK port for simplified connectivity to our interfaces.
  • Auxiliary port for future expansions (wall mount 7 segment LED displays, analog meter).

Other features:

  • Internal speaker for audible warnings.
  • Internet synchronized real time clock.
  • Ambient light sensor for led bars and display brightness control.
  • Fully EMI shielded, aluminum die cast enclosure.

Internal processing highlights:

  • 210 MIPS, 32bit floating point Cortex M4 DSP processor for extremely fast updates and accurate calculation of complex functions.
  • Hi-grade, parallel 16bit ADC, sampled at 125ksps.
  • 24bit DAC at 160ksps for signal generator.

Package contains:

  • SMΩRF™ RF Vector Signal Meter – one (1)
  • iLINK cable (1.5m long) – one (1)
  • Coaxial 2.1mm/5.5mm power plug – one (1)
  • Four pole 3.5mm audio plug – one (1)
  • Foster 8 female microphone plug – one (1)
  • Printed Quick Start Guide – one (1)

Recommended accessories:

  • CHF-6 – 6KW sensor 1.8MHz – 54MHz
  • CHF-12 – 12KW sensor 1.8MHz – 30MHz
  • CVHF-2 – 2 KW sensor 70MHz – 500 MHz
  • CVHF-6 – 6 KW sensor 70MHz – 500 MHz
  • Phased matched sensor cables 3m
  • Phased matched sensor cables 10m
Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 110 cm

Blue, Green, Yellow, White



Main Display

Point of measurement

Sensor (TX) and antenna (ANT) for all measurements

Power range

0.001W to 19,999W, -9.99dBm(dBW) to 72.99dBm(42.99dBW) depends on sensor,
-80dBm to +23dBm in 4IN mode

Power types

Peak, instant, average, total peak and total average for forward, delivered and reflected power. Adjustable peak hold time, averaging time and update rate.

SWR range

1.00 – 99.9

Return Loss

0 – 99.99dB


-180.0° to +180.0°


Real and imaginary part from +/- 0.01 – 9999Ω, phase from +/- 0.01° to 89.9°

Other measurements

|Z|, R, X, |Y|, G, B, Γ, | Γ|, Φ, IMD, |U| and | I| (peak, p-p, rms), L, C, Loss, Gain*1

Simultaneous measurements



256×64 graphic monochrome OLED, 3.11” diagonal size, 16 intensity levels

Bar Graphs


2x 51 segments, 3 user assignable colors (red, green yellow), Dot or Bar mode.

Point of measurement

Sensor point and antenna point for all measurements

Power ranges

5 range multipliers (x0.1, x1, x10, x100/1000)
3 linear scales (10, 20, 50)
total 14 full scale ranges 1W – 20,000W.

Power ranges mode

AUTO, manual, 100% (level adjustable on per band, per sensor basis).

Power types

Peak, average for forward, delivered and reflected power. Separate (one segment) peak hold. Adjustable peak attack and decay, hold and averaging time.


1.00 to >15 in 4 semi-linear scales


0 to +100Ω for R and |Z|, -100 to 100Ω/° for X and Φ

Simultaneous measurements


Tone Generator


DDS based, 32bit precision, 214 quarter sine wave look-up table

Output level

1μV – 130mVp-p, +/-10%, step 1/100/1000μV


150Hz – 9999Hz, step 1Hz, DDS based

Signal type

Sine, Dual Tone (individually adjustable frequencies and levels), White/Pink noise


Amplitude, frequency in linear or logarithmic scale


Continuous, single shot 10 – 9900 ms

Frequency accuracy


Output Flatness

+/- 0.15dB



D/A converter output rate

24bit, 160ksps

RF Characteristics

RF ports IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4

4x SMA female connector

Operating frequency range

1.8MHz to 500MHz

Absolute maximum power


Amplitude dynamic range

> 90dB

Phase dynamic range

> 70dB

Counter dynamic range

> 50dB

Frequency segmentation

10kHz at 1.8-2.5MHz and 49-400MHz, 1kHz at 2.5-49MHz,
100kHz above 400MHz

Ports isolation*2

> 50dB up to 80MHz, 46dB at 145MHz, 39dB at 435MHz, (dual mode)
> 85dB non muxed (single sensor mode)

Noise floor

-70dBm typically

Amplitude calibration range

-60dBm to +23dBm, 34 selected frequencies, step 0.5dB

Absolute Amplitude accuracy
at sensor ports*3

-20dBm to +23dBm,
<0.04dB (~1%) up to 150MHz
<0.06dB (~1.5%) up to 250MHz,
<0.09dB (~2.3%) up to 500MHz

-60dBm to -20dBm,
<0.08dB (~2%) up to 150MHz
<0.12dB (~3%) up to 250MHz
<0.16dB (~4%) up to 500MHz

Phase calibration range

-180° to +180°, 34 selected frequencies, step 0.9°

Absolute Phase accuracy
at sensor ports

-30dBm to +23dBm
<+/-3.5° up to 60MHz
<+/-5.5° up to 150MHz
<+/-12.5° up to 435MHz

-50dBm to -30dBm
<+/-7.5° up to 60MHz
<+/-12.5° up to 150MHz
<+/-15° up to 435MHz

Phase range

-179.9° to +180° up to 30MHz
-179.9° to +170° up to 60MHz
-179.9° to +160° up to 150MHz
-179.9° to +120° up to 500MHz

Relative Power accuracy*4

CHF-3 from 1.8MHz – 54MHz
0.1 – 1W <3%
1W – 600W <2%
600 – 3000W <2.5%

0.3 – 3W <3%
3W – 2000W <2% at 70MHz

0.2 – 2W 3%
2W – 2000W <2% at 145MHz

0.1 – 1W <3%
1W – 400W <2%
400 – 2000W <2.5% at 435MHz


DC Power

12-15V DC, 1300mA max. depends on brightness setting


2x miniDIN6 for proprietary connection to iLINK enabled microHAM devices


RJ45, auto MDI/MDIX, 100BaseTX, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet port


DIN6, Do not connect, reserved for future updates


2x RCA, open collector output, max. 24VDC, 100mA


2x RCA, optically coupled input, internal 1500ohm pullup to 5V


Native RS232, 1200-115200Bd

Other Parameters

A/D conversion

Synchronous parallel 16bit, 125ksps, 18.5bit effective resolution

Measurements update rate

2000/s in single sensor modes, 100/s in dual sensor mode,
50/s in 4IN mode


W: 250mm, D: 210mm, H: 110mm




*1 Requires two sensors *2 Muxed inputs IN1-IN3, IN2-IN4
*3 Absolute accuracy to NIST traceable HP438A SN#2517U00290, HP8482A SN#2652A22248, HP8482A SN#1925A05693 for levels -20dBm to +23dBm, Keysight U2004A SN# MY53290005 for levels -60dBm to -20dBm
*4 RSS (Root Sum of Squares) uncertainty for complete system including sensor mismatch, sensor calibration, sensor cables, SMΩRF calibration and reference power meter uncertainties.

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