New Version of FlexRadio Maestro Annouced

FlexRadio’s CTO Steve Hicks, N5AC announced new features for the latest version of the Maestro.  The first production run of the new Maestro is scheduled for November 2023. We have a limited number of Maestros reserved at the old version price. Once our pre-ordered units are sold, the price increase will take effect. Please place your order today to reserve your new Maestro at the old pricing!

A brief summary follows:

  • 8” Display size, capabilities
  • Increased Wi-Fi capability
  • Improved Wi-Fi radio + antenna (MIMO)
  • Wi-Fi 6 compatiblility
  • Improved CW sidetone
  • New rechargeable battery option – easily obtained worldwide
  • New power indication/switch matches M-Series radios
  • New pseudo-differential MIC connection
  • External display output
  • Serial USB pass-thru for RS232 devices such as rotators
  • New optimized hardware connections
As the news of the new version was released FlexRadio also announced a price increase for Maestro effective immediately. As a result we have today raised the price. The good news is that we have a few units on backorder for the old price, therefore we will accept orders for the old price until these back ordered units are sold. Go here to place your order today!
Production of the new version of the Maestro is expected to begin in Fall 2023.  Specific ship dates will be shared at that time.