New: FlexRadio SDR Transceivers at Pileup!

We’re delighted to add FlexRadio to Pileup’s lineup of DX and contest brands. At Pileup, we focus on high-performance SDR transceivers from established brands such as Icom, Yaesu, and Expert Electronics. Now, we’re excited to add FlexRadio’s exceptional SDR transceivers to our offerings. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced SDR user or not, we welcome you as a FlexRadio customer.

In the coming months, we will highlight different features of FlexRadio’s transceivers. If you are new to SDR transceivers, you will find this video from Michael Walker VA3MW to be a great introduction to the FlexRadio range of transceivers. Michael will also highlight some great features like the Wide Noise Blanker and explain how easily the Flex transceivers communicate with other applications or hardware using the LAN (Local Area Network). Even if you are somewhat familiar with FlexRadio, you will get some useful information from the video.


We hope you enjoy this video and we welcome you back for more. To get notified about FlexRadio (and other news from Pileup), just sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

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