Xiegu X5105 HF/50MHz QRP Transceiver (Refurbished)


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Xiegu X5105 is an ultra portable HF and 50 MHz QRP transceiver with a general coverage receiver, large LCD display, automatic antenna tuner and a built in high capacity battery making it the perfect portable companion. Please note that this is the latest hardware version, with many improvements!

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NOTE: This is a refurbished unit. It has been returned by a customer for various reasons and been checked and repaired if needed. It is 100% functional but the box has been opened and the unit and its accessories can have signs of use. It is sold as used equipment with 6 moths warranty.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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XPA125B 100W Solid State Linear Amplifier

Xiegu XPA125B is a small and lightweight 125 watt HF and 50 MHz solid state linear power amplifier perfect for your QRP radio or low power SDR transceiver. It has a built in automatic antenna tuner, automatic protection circuits and a big and bright display for monitoring the amplifier status.

Xiegu CE-19 Expansion Port for X5105

The Xiegu CE-19 makes it easy to connect a PC or other data terminals, modems etc for digital mode operation. It also allows for simple and safe connection of a XPA125 or other linear amplifier.

ANjo EFW40-10P Ultra Light 3-Band Wire Antenna

Ultra light, only 260 gram, end fed wire antenna for 3 shortwave bands 40m + 20m + 10m. Ideal for any kind of outdoor activity like SOTA, hiking, holidays, camping etc.

X5105 brings you a whole new portable experience with its large 3,6 inch dot matrix LCD display providing all vital information easy to read in daylight or darkness. The built in 3800 mAh battery can power the radio for up to 8 hours in receive mode, perfect for your outdoor activities.

The highly effective automatic antenna tuner let you quickly deploy your portable station even if the antenna is not perfectly matched. The tuner stores tuning data in intervals of 100 kHz enabling instant retuning on previously tuned frequencies.

Physical shape and controls of the X5105 have been optimised for field use. Front panel buttons are backlit for operation in the dark and the VFO is optimised to be used with your thumb without being sensitive for accidental retuning.

The X5105 receiver is a double conversion superheterodyne with a digital baseband. A DAC samples the demodulated audio and feeds the high speed DSP processor. Noise reduction, notch filter and transmit signal processing is all handled by the high speed DSP.

In addition to voice modes (LSB, USB, AM and NFM) the X5105 can also be operated on CW with the facility to store short CW messages for one-touch transmit in the field. There is even a modem mode letting you decode PSK31 directly on the screen.

The local oscillator in the X5105 is based on a high performance DDS, Direct Digital Synthesizer. This provides a pure signal with low phase noise and wide frequency coverage. The high quality oscillator is the foundation of the transceivers great performance.

The stable and reliable push-pull power amplifier circuit in the X5105 provides up to 5 watt of transmit power in the whole HF and 6 meter range.

X5105 has an IF output which is used with the Xiegu XDT1 panadapter to display a frequency spectrum in color.

X5105 is a housed in a sturdy casing at the same compact and light. It measures only 160 x 100 x 46 mm and weights 0,94 kg including the battery.

X5105 General Specifications

  • Frequency coverage: 1,0-55MHz (TX in Ham Bands)
  • Operating mode: USB, LSB, AM, FM
  • Channel Memories: 100
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Supply Voltage 13,8 VDC +/- 15%
  • Current Consumption: RX 660mA or less, TX 2,5A or less
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to +60C
  • Frequency Stability: 2ppm in 60 min

X5105 Receiver Specifications

  • Structure: Double Conversion Superheterodyne + Digital baseband processing
  • IF Frequency: 70,455 MHz, 10,695 MHz
  • Sensitivity SSB/CW/FM: 0,25 uV
  • Sensitivity AM: 2 uV (10 uV ,5-1,79 MHz)
  • SSB Selectivity: -6dB 2,4 kHz, 60dB 4,6 kHz
  • CW Selectivity: -6dB 500 Hz, 60dB 2000 Hz
  • AMSelectivity: -6dB 6 kHz, 60dB 25 kHz
  • FM Selectivity: -6dB 12 kHz, 60dB 25 kHz
  • Image Suppression:70dB
  • IF Suppression: 60dB
  • Audio Output: 0,6 Watt @ 4 Ohm 10% THD)

X5105 Transmitter Specifications

  • Output Power: >4,5 Watt SSB, >1,5 Watt AM Carrier
  • SSB Modulation Type : balanced modulation
  • AM Modulation Type : Low leve amplitude modulation
  • FM Modulation Type: Variable reactance
  • Spur Reduction: >45dB
  • Carrier suppression: >40dB
  • Sideband Spurious: >50dB
  • SSB Frequency Response: 400-2800Hz (-6dB)
  • FM Max Swing; +/- 5kHz
  • External Mic Impedance: o,2-10k
  • Antenna Tuner Storage Points: each 100kHz interval
  • Antenna Tuning Time: > 10 seconds

X5105 General Specifications

  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 0,94 kg

In the Box

  • X5105 radio unit complete with antenna tuner and rechargeable battery
  • Microphone with remote control keypad
  • Serial cable for PC connection
  • 12 Volt power cord
  • English manual
  • Xiegu Service Card
  • CE certificate

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