Universal RX Antenna Matching Set


In stock (can be backordered)

This universal RX matching transformer set is perfect for Beverages, Bogs and Loops with taps for 200, 450 and 800 Ohm impedance antennas.


In stock (can be backordered)

Universal RX antenna matching set for receive antennas. Single-wire, single-direction beverage antenna systems:

  • For classsic Beverage antennas at 1,5-3 meters above the ground, rought input impedance 450 ohms;
  • For Beverage on the ground (BOG) antenna, rought input impedance 200 ohms;

Loop antennas:

  • Loop antennas like K9AY, EWE, DHDL, K-9xseries of LBS, rought input impedance 450 ohms;
  • Loop antennas like FLAG, rought input impedance 800 ohms;

The RX Antenna Matching set use an isolated winding, matching transformer system to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio. They will work with antenna impedances from 200 to 800 ohms in 3 steps. The termination resistor included is a 200/450/800, 4 watt, non-inductive resistor that withstands nearby lightning strikes and yours transmiter power.

Keep a few of these Universal RX antenna matching sets and some wire handy and you will always be ready to deploy a RX antenna when you need it.