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DS4R RX Antenna Switch with Preamp & High Pass Filter


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The DS4R RX antenna switch from Low Band System with preamp and high pass filter designed to be used with up to four single direction RX antennas like Beverages, Pennants, Flags, DHDL etc.

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The DS4R (previously called BS-4) RX antenna switch from Low Band System use 75 or 50 ohms designs with high quality F or UHF connectors for the input and output connections.

The receive preamplifier is designed for low noise, providing superior dynamic range and third-order intercept performance.

The DS4R RAX Antenna Switch has a built-in relay that automatically bypass the filter and preamplifier circuits when DC power is removed or TX_Gnd signal is applied to the control console.

LBS DS4R RX Antenna Switch characteristics:

  • 4 inputs (SO239 or F connectors)
  • inserted SWR ≤ 1:1.1
  • unused ports loaded to 50 or 75 ohms, 2W resistor
  • -60db. minimum isolation to unused port
  • 7 pole Chebyshev high pass filter with cutoff at 1.7 Mhz, input SWR ≤ 1.3:1
  • Optional BPF for 160, 80 or 40 meter instead of HPF. (Please contact us before placing order)
  • RX preamplifier 12dB gain, can be delivered with up to 20 dB gain. (Please contact us before placing order)
  • NF  ≤ 3.5db
  • OIP ≥ 25db
  • Antenna inputs and preamplifier switched OFF during transmit using TX ground signal
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75/50, 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm