Classic Beverage Antenna Matching Set


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Low Band Systems Classic Beverage feed point transformer and termination set for a single-wire, single-direction beverage antenna.



These single-wire, single-direction beverage feed systems use an isolated winding, matching transformer system to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio. They will work with antenna impedances from 400-500 ohms.

The termination resistor included is a 455 ohm, 4 watt, non-inductive resistor that withstands nearby lightning strikes and high RF levels from near-by transmitters.

This Beverage Antenna matching set can also be delivered for 50 Ohm feedline with UHF connectors or 75 Ohm feedline with F connectors.

The Beverage Antenna is a relatively inexpensive but very effective long wire receiving antenna used by amateur radio, shortwave listening, and longwave radio DXers and military applications. The antenna was patented in 1921 and named for its inventor Harold H. Beverage.

Beverage antennas provides an significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio as compared to transmitting antennas.

Our line of Beverage Systems offer great flexibility in building high performance Beverage receive antennas systems for DXing and contesting.

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50 Ohm, 75 Ohm