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Paradar 868 Mhz SAW Filter


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The Paradar SAW filter is crucial for LoRa deployments in urban environments. Why? Because 4G cellular towers in Europe and the UK, operating on 4G Band 20, work on frequencies as high as 862MHz. A high-gain antenna in an urban environment is going to pick up a lot of this RF energy, which your 868MHz LoRa device will need to filter out.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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This filter is based on the RFMi SF2137E-2 filter module, which introduces <2.2dB of loss between 867.5MHz and 870.5MHz. Outside of this range, the loss is >35dB – effectively muting other transmitters.

The filter is carefully designed so it’s impedance-matched at 50 ohms, with impedance controlled PCB manufacturing and quality components. As a result, it performs better than most of the generic brands available on eBay.

On Meshtastic and Helium nodes using high-gain antennas in urban areas, this can improve performance by 20-30%.

A hotspot in central London with a high-gain omni antenna showed significant improvement with a SAW filter

However, they’re not for everyone and in less congested areas may introduce more loss than benefit. If you have any questions – as always, get in touch: we’re happy to help.

Package contains (SMA or RP-SMA type depending on selection above)

  • 1x 868MHz SAW filter, female connections on both ends
  • 1x male-male rigid adapter

The filter has a similar response in the forward and reverse direction.

S21 gain 867.5MHz – 870Mhz > -2.2dB
S21 gain <867.5MHz and >870MHz < -35dB
SWR < 1.3
Dimensions 67 x 23mm, 6g
Connectors SMA or RP-SMA female-female, includes 1x male-male adapter
Made in the United Kingdom