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PA500 Ultra-Compact RF Amplifier with Tuner


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The PA500 linear amplifier from DIY599 is tailored for adventures and extremes. 60W* peak power and an integrated automatic antenna tuner enclosed in a signatured and robust aluminum body makes it ideal for the outdoors, preparedness and digital emergency radio communication.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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PA500 Features

  • Automatic band selection
  • Compatible to most Transceivers
  • RF-VOX support
  • Covers most HAM SW Bands
  • RF Power up to 60W
  • Integrated automatic tuner

PA500 Unique Form-Factor

Discovery TX-500 Transceiver from Lab599 inspired the design of the PA500. It is basically made for the TX-500 but it will work nicely with other Radios as well. The thickness of the PA500 is just 30mm and allows you to operate from anywhere you like.
The PA500 body is made of CNC milled durable anodized aluminum, made for extreme operation, perfect for contest work on the go.

PA500 RF Low Pass Filters

The PA500 has five separate low pass filter banks for the specific band regions. RF Filters made with superior ferrite toroidal cores and precision high voltage capacitors. The harmonic distortion suppression are >43dB below the carrier signal depends on the selected frequency band.

PA500 Integrated Automatic Antenna Tuner

PA500 has an integrated automatic antanna tuner for most of the operating frequencies to tune a suitable antenna between the 80m and 10m band.

PA500 Video Review by OH8STN

PA500 Technical Specifications

  • Up to 60W RF peak Power (depends on the mode and operating frequency)
  • Max. input drive level: 5W
  • 80 – 10m HAM bands
  • All modes: SSB, CW*, AM*, FM*, DIG*
  • Current drain up to 10A@13.8V
  • Ultra-compact size (HWD): 30mm X 207mm X 90m (incl. heatsink)
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Harmonic / Spurious Outputs > 43dB below carrier
  • RF-VOX support
  • Luning impedance 25-250 Ohms (e.g.80m)
  • 6×6 L-match type tuning network
  • CE Compliant and FCC certified

*reduced power

February 2023 Hardware Update

Identical design with five band filters instead of four added for digital operation on 30m. Changes have also been made to improve efficiency.

The PA500 linear RF amplifier with integrated tuner from DIY599 is created with love to perfection. It is the perfect addition for your QRP, preparedness and emergency radio communication needs!

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