3B7A Experience of SunSDR2 PRO

The recent 3B7A Saint Brandon DXpedition was the first major DXpedition using only SDR transcievers in its setup. No old-school analoge radios, only the latest SDR technology in an amazingly portable but potent package! Read the feedback from the 3B7A team here!

3B7A had five HF stations running pileups simultaneously. Each station was built around the SunSDR2 PRO HF, 6m and 2m direct sampling SDR transceiver with E-Coder hardware controller, an SPE 1.3K-FA amplifier, and a ModMic microphone. PerfoBox band pass filters from Low Band Systems where used to keep signal interference at minimum between the five stations. All stations where set up to be able to operate CW, SSB or RTTY.

On high bands VDA, the very efficient Vertical Dipole Arrays developed by Vincent F4BKV was used, and on low bands vertical arrays.

In the words of 3B7A team member Diégo F4HAU, below is the feedback using SunSDR2 PRO at Saint Brandon;

– “The SunSDR2 PRO works marvelously well, what a powerful product in a small box. The settings configuration settings done prior to the expedition works well. All team members where comfortable using the new SDR technology. The hardware controller, E-Coder, is very flexible and had been configured to provide access to the main functions needed”.

3B7A operator F2DX operating CW using SunSDR2 PRO

– “Visualisation of the pile-up via the spectrum displayed on the laptop is impressive and extremely useful to manage the pileup. Operating the SunSDR2 PRO felt great and allowed us to do our absolutely best to full-fill the need of the amateur radio community”

– “Furthermore the SunSDR2 PRO is perfect match with the lightweight Expert SPE 1.3K-FA amplifier providing high power for all modes”.

–  “Sometimes, the rhythm dropped a little bit. This is because we were searching for weaker signals in the pileup. Honestly, we can tell you that many have been logged because we saw the signal peak on the spectral visualization of the SDR. Using a classic VFO their signals would not been detected so easily.”

3B7A Vertical Dipole Arrays on the Saint Brandon beach!

Read the full report from the 3B7A team here.