SunSDR2 PRO HF, 6m & 2m Transceiver

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SunSDR2 PRO is a direct sampling SDR transceiver developed for serious DXing and contesting. It covers all HF bands plus 50 MHz and 144 MHz VHF bands with a general coverage receiver. It combines high performance in a small package and has a LAN interface for maximum flexibility. Remote control over DSL or mobile 3G and 4G connections provide a full SDR experience using the Expert Remote System.

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Available on backorder

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SunSDR PRO features a high speed LTC2209 ADC for superior BDR, Blocking Dynamic Range, a big heatsink for good cooling, a local oscillator with high stability. The SunSDR2 PRO comes with a 10 MHz reference input as standard. The user friendly but powerful ExpertSDR2 software is included and future updates are free.

SunSDR2 PRO Main Capabilities

  • Separate independent receive path based on Direct Down Conversion principle (DDC)
  • Separate independent transmitter, based on the Direct Up Conversion principle (DUC)
  • Full or half-duplex mode *
  • Antenna switch for 2 antennas in HF
  • 10 MHz reference input
  • Built-in power-meter and SWR-meter in HF band
  • 8 open collector outputs for control of antenna switches, band pass filters or other accessories.
  • ALC output for external power amplifier**
  • PTT input for footswitch
  • CW key input
  • Headphones output, impedance 8-10000 Ohm
  • Microphone input for dynamic or electret microphone
  • Modular microphone input for Yaesu MH-31 or other hand mic with PTT and 3 additional function buttons
  • Polairty reversal protection
  • Ethernet LAN interface with galvanic isolation between transceiver and PC
  • Transceiver’s calibrations are kept inside the device. No need for primary calibration
  • Remote operation over LAN with CW key and PTT via E-Coder panel, and RX and TX audio via PC.
  • Remote Control over Wan/Internet using the ExpertSDR Remote System (free software).

* Full duplex mode is supported by the hardware, but is not yet implemented in the software. Full duplex is a planned feature in a future release of ExpertSDR2. ** ALC functionality is supported by the transceiver’s hardware but is not implemented in the ExpertSDR2 software. It will be supported in the future ExpertSDR2 software releases.

SunSDR2 PRO Application field

  • Amateur Radio HF/VHF transceiver
  • SO2R/SO2V contest radio
  • MO2R – two operators in Run & Multiplier station applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with the spectrum scope up to 80MHz
  • Record frequency spectrum for later playback
  • Clean operating position controlling radio over LAN
  • Remote Control via DSL or mobile 4G or 3G connection

ExpertSDR2 Software

The ExpertSDR2 software package is used to control the SDR transceiver. In receiving mode the software provides two independent receiving channels with up to 312 kHz bandwidth. Each receiver has its own sub receiver. ExpertSDR2 runs under Windows XP/7/8/10 x32 or x64, Linux Ubuntu x64 and MacOS (MacOS currently beta). Minimum hardware requirement Intel Core i3 1.6GHz or higher, video card supporting OpenGL 1.5 and RAM 256 MB or more.

SunSDR2pro Block Diagram

SunSDR2 Specifications

RF ADC, bit @ MHz 16 @ 160
ADC type LTC2209
RX Frequency range HF 0.1 to 65 MHz, VHF 95 to 155 MHz
Independent software receivers 2 + 2 SubRX
Sample rate, kHz @ bit 39; 78; 156; 312 @ 24
Bandscope, MHz 80
RX HF filters, MHz 65 MHz LPF or 9 x octave BPF
RX VHF filters, MHz WideRX: 95-155 or SAW filter for 2M: 144-148
BDR on HF, dB 130
BDR on VHF, dB 114
Sensitivity, uV 0.2
DR IMD3, not less dB 98
RMDR, dB 110
ATT/Preamp, dB -20; -10; 0; +10
VHF LNA, dB +22
RF DAC, bit @ MHz 14 @ 640
TX Frequency range, M All amateur bands 160-6; 2
Output power on HF, W 15 (up to 20)
Output power on 6M, W 15
Output power on VHF, W 7 (up to 8)
TX IMD3, dB 25-30 on HF/VHF
Local oscillator TCXO, MHz +/- ppm 20 +/- 0.5
External 10 MHz oscillator input +
Built-in audio codec, bit 24
RF input/output 2HF, 1VHF (Mini_UHF)
PC interface LAN 100 Mbit
DC voltage range in RX/TX, V 10…16/ 12…16
Recommended DC voltage, V 15
Current consumption RX/TX, A 1.25 / 5
Power consumption RX/TX, W 19 / 75
Operating temperature, °C/°F 0…+50/ +32…+122
Dimensions L x W x H, cm/inches 19.0 x 17.0 x 5.0/ 7.48 x 6.69 x 1.97
Weight, kg/lbs 1.5/ 3.31

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation and specifications are only guaranteed within the amateur radio bands.

Whats in the Box

  • SunSDR2 PRO Transceiver
  • LAN-cable 1.8m for connecting to local network
  • Power cable 2.0m for connecting to power supply
  • Two 6.3mm phono male to 3.5mm phono female adapters to connect a headset to the radio
  • Mini UHF (male) to SO239 (UHF/PL female) pigtail adapter with 30 cm  RG58 coax.

SunSDR2 PRO Recommended Accessories

In addition to the sunsdr2pro we also recommend the following accessories :

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  1. Tilman, SM0JZT

    20W may not sound like a big number, but ample of power for day to day traffic. If you need more output, just put a amplifier behind.
    Nice to be able to run 2m with a useful spectrum view in the normally very uncrowded band.

    Tilman, SM0JZT

    Tilman, SM0JZT