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For all the manuals, software updates, and other files relating to the MB1, SunSDR2 PRO, SunSDR2 QRP, ColibriDDC and ColibriNANO we maintain a full download library at our sister website SunSDR.eu, you will find what you look for here.

Icom Information and Manuals 

IC-7610 Technical Report Vol 3
IC-7610 Technical Report Vol 2
IC-7610 Advanced Manual
IC-7610 Basic Manual
IC-7610 Technical Report Vol 1

Learn more about the IC-7610 ion this detailed technical report from Icom.

IC-7610 Brochure

ModMic Information and Manuals 

ModMic 4.0 Pro User Tips

Getting started, installation, specifications and quick start guide for the ModMic 4.0.

EQ settings for ModMic in ExpertSDR2

Xiegu Manuals & Firmware Updates

Xiegu XPA125B User Manual
X5105 Firmware Update v1.0.04 build 014

X5105 Firmware Update v1.0.04 build 014. There are lots of updates and improvements in v1.0.04. Before updating the firmware, please read the update tutorial carefully! After operating, your settings will be lost, please refer to the X5105 system configuration table to re-setting all parameters, then save and cycle power off and on again.

Xiegu X5105 Manual v1.0.03
CE-19 Expansion Port Manual

Other Manuals & Firmware Updates

Tecsun PL-365 Manual


ColibriDDC Brochure 2016
Icom 9700 Brochure
MB1 Brochure 2016
SunSDR2 PRO Brochure 2016
SunSDR2 QRP broshure