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WaveNode WN-2d, 4-ch Wattmeter with LED Bars


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WaveNode WN-2d is a precision digital RF power and SWR analyser capable of measuring and displaying up to four channels simultaneously. Complete system with one HF 2 kW RF sensor. Optional HF 8 kW, VHF, UHF and SHF sensors available.

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WN-2d General Description

The WaveNode WN-2d is the perfect power and SWR monitor system for the advanced ham, contest stations and remote control applications where exact power and SWR measurements are crucial.

The unique feature of the WN-2d system is its two large 16-segment LED bars showing power and SWR, making it great for amplifier output monitoring. You will never miss when the amp trips, and you will instantly notice SWR problems!

The Basic Station Monitor consists of the WN-2d signal processing unit and in-line coax sensors. The WN-2d contains all signal processing for up to four coax in-line sensors, and no calibration is necessary. An additional input is available for monitoring D.C. supply voltage and current (< 16 volts and < 25 amps). The interface to the computer is made via USB port.

The WN-2d can run stand-alone, or run in conjunction with your PC for simultaneous viewing of all four channels. Powerful 16-bit RISC processor with 12-bit A/D converter allows fast sampling and data transfer via USB port. Local selection on the unit of Channel number, SWR reset, and input/output port monitoring.

WN-2d Main Features

  • Simultaneous monitoring of RF power/SWR on four separate coax sensors. Add sensors before and after the amplifier, add sensors at the antenna to measure SWR and power at the feed point.
  • Calculates SWR, peak, and average power for display on the built-in LCD display. Bargraph displays of peak power are shown when the RF power exceeds 2 watts.
  • SWR protection relay (User selectable ports and level)
  • Full-speed USB computer interface on all products.
  • 16-bit RISC microprocessor, 12-bit A/D converter, and precision peak/average detection circuitry for each sensor.
  • 40 Khz sampling of the RF envelope provides a digital Oscilloscope view of the modulation envelope.
  •  Spectrum Analysis monitors the data content and bandwidth of the modulation speech or data stream. Monitor Inter modulation and splatter real-time as you operate.
  • Four digital outputs allow monitoring and control with remote PC.
  • Four additional analog inputs allow real-time monitoring on the local LCD display or remotely through USB interconnect to a host PC.
  • Relay provided to trigger on excess SWR for equipment protection.
  • All data viewing and control can be done locally or remotely via PC.
  • Voice and Tone announcing of power and SWR for visually impaired operation.

Frequency Range

  • • Thruline sensor selection from 100 KHz- 1.3 GHZ. (See Thruline sensor selection for complete details).

Computer Requirements

  • PC running Microsoft OS XP, 7, 8, 10 or 11.
  • USB port.

Standalone Display

  • Measure and display Peak, Average power and SWR.

Measurement Accuracy

  • + – 5%

Power Requirements

  • 11-16 VDC @ 350 ma. (With included power supply or from station +12 VDC supply)


  • Display Unit: 147 mm wide X 100 mm deep X 62mm high.
  • Sensors: 102mm long X 39mm deep X 86mm high.

LED Bargraphs

  • 16 segment green bargraph for Peak forward power.
  • 16 segment green-red bargraph for SWR range 1:1 – 10:1.
  • Bargraph range is user selectable for each of the four sensor ports.


  • Control box four sensor inputs (minidin 6 pin).
  • Sensor SO-239 (N connector on special order).
  • USB type connector for PC interface.
  • SWR Protection Relay with N/0 and N/C contacts

WN-2d Standard System Includes

  • Wattmeter Control/Display unit.
  • One HF 2 kW RF sensor (contact us for other options)
  • CDROM (software and USB driver)
  • Wall transformer (220-240V EU standard)
  • USB cable with ferrite cores

WN-2d Special Order Options

These features can be included at deliver, please contact us for more info.

  • Sensor RFView port for external monitoring.
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Dimensions 30 × 23 × 12 cm




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