SunSDR2 QRP 5 Watt HF & 6m Transceiver

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SunSDR2 QRP 5 watt SDR transceiver will impress you! This small HF and 6 meter transceiver uses direct sampling technology to for top range performance. SunSDR2 QRP is the perfect way to get started with SDR, Software Defined Radio!

SunSDR2 QRP is currently not available. We recommend its high performance sibling, the SunSDR2 PRO, with dual RX, 144 MHz and a 20 watts TX. 

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The SunSDR2 QRP is a modern HF transceiver with 5W output power and a wide range of capabilities. Thanks to the powerful ExpertSDR2 software and the advantages of the direct sampling SunSDR2 QRP provides high performance at a reasonable price. It can be used either locally via LAN or remotely using ExpertRemote.

Remote Control

The SunSDR2 QRP can be controlled via Internet using Expert Remote,  a client-server system that allows you to place the transceiver and server in a remote quiet location with good antennas and operate from any place where internet is available. Just connect your SunSDR2 QRP to the Pileup RPI server, provide the server with an 4G or DSL internet connection and you are ready to remotely access your SunSDR2 QRP from anywhere.

SunSDR2 QRP Main Features

  • Immense functionality for a reasonable price
    Designing each our device, we try to reach the best balance between the price and functionality
  • Full support of the ExpertSDR2 software
    Continuously growing and improving ExpertSDR2 software is 100% compatible with the SunSDR2 QRP and will continue to support it for many years to come, for free!
  • External control connector
    Connect up to 8 external devices to 8 powerful keys with open collectors, such as PAs, external filters, rotate antenna devices etc.
  • Remote control operation
    Using it, you connect PTT and CW-key to the E-Coder panel. Microphone and E-Coder are connected to the remotely set up PC
  • TCI interface
    Use it for seamless connection with third-party software like SDC (with its own Skimmer), LogHXSWISSLOG and RUMlog, more are coming
  • No need for an external soundcard
    The SunSDR2 QRP does not require an external sound card and audio cables, just plug your headphones in the transceiver and listen to the air
  • 16-bit ADC at 122.88 MHz
    The SunSDR2 QRP has the best ADC in its price range which provides 122 dB BDR
  • Sample rates: 48-384 kHz
    At the same time, you can use a 60 MHz wide bandscope + 2 software RXs, each has a SubRX
  • Special mode for 768 kHz or 960 kHz sample rate, only for 1 RX + bandscope at the same time
  • Supports 4M band only for RX in the 2nd Nyquist zone

PC Requirements

  • CPU Intel Core i3 or higher
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Video card with 256 Mbyte RAM and OpenGL 1.5 support
  • Local network connector 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps
  • OS Windows XP/7/8/10 x32 or x64, OS Linux Ubuntu x64

In the Box

  • SunSDR2 QRP transceiver
  • LAN-cable (1.8m)
  • Power supply cable
  • RF Cable Mini UHF — HF (PL259) 1Ft (0.3m 1 pc.)

Block Diagram

SunSDR2 QRP Specifications

RF ADC, bit @ MHz 16 @ 122.88
ADC type LTC2165
RX Frequency range, MHz 0.1…55; 70…70.5
Undersampling, MHz 0.1…500
Independent software receivers 2 + 2 SubRX
Sample rate, kHz @ bit 48; 96; 192; 384 @ 24
768; 960 @ 16 (only RX1)
Bandscope, MHz 61
RX HF filters, MHz LPF: 58 + 8 x BPF
RX VHF filters, MHz HPF: 68 + BPF for 4M
BDR on HF, dB 122
Sensitivity, uV 0.1
DR IMD3, not less dB 100
RMDR, dB 107
ATT/Preamp, dB -20; -10; 0; +10
RF DAC, bit @ MHz 14 @ 122.88
TX Frequency range, M All amateur bands 160-6
Output power on HF, W 5 (up to 8)
Output power on 6M, W 5
TX IMD3, dB 30
Local oscillator TCXO, MHz +/- ppm 16 +/- 2.5
External 10 MHz oscillator input +
Built-in audio codec, bit 24
RF input/output 1 (Mini-UHF)
PC interface LAN 100 Mbit
DC voltage range in RX/TX, V 8…15 / 10…15
Current consumption RX/TX, A 0.3 / 3
Power consumption RX/TX, W 3.6 / 36
Operating temperature, °C/°F 0…+50/ +32…+122
Dimensions L x W x H, cm/inches 18.5 x 10.6 x 4.5/ 6.5 x 3.94 x 1.38
Weight, kg/lbs 0.8/ 1.8

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation and specifications are only guaranteed within the amateur radio bands.

SunSDR2 QRP Brochure

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  1. Tilman, SM0JZT

    Great little radio. Have had it on trips to EA8 to run digimodes QRP from hotel.
    Ideal setup together with a PA (I’m running e Expert SPE 1.3K) giving a wopping 1kW output.
    Great PA-control.

    Tilman, SM0JZT

    Tilman, SM0JZT

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