RS60CF-10A Headset + Cable for FLEX-6xxx

The radiosport RS60CF 10th Anniversary Edition Headset features new Full-Range headphone drivers and a special Full-Range Electret-Condenser Mic suitable for all modern HF Transceivers and especially useful with the TX/RX EQ available on the latest generation HF Desktop radios.

This bundle contains the Headset and Headset-to-Radio cable for FLEX-6000 signature series transceivers.

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RadioSport RS60CF-10A Boom-Mic Headset

RadioSport RS60CF 10th Anniversary Edition Headset

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Headset Cable CS6-FLX-PTT

Headset-to-radio cable connecting a radiosport RS60CF-10A headset to a FLEX-6xxx transceiver.

In stock (can be backordered)

The radiosport RS60CF headset is compatible with all modern dual-watch, dual- receiver and dual-diversity radios utilizing special Full Range Communications Headphone Drivers (70Hz-6000Hz) and Full-Range (70Hz-6000Hz) Electret Condenser Mic. Critially rolling off all above 6000 Hz to eliminate Audio Amplifier generated noise that covers up weak signals and bombards your ear drums causing listener fatigue. Experience Communications the way it was intended, whether you are a CW operator, SSB operator or ESSB/AM/FM operator!

This Mic works with ALL modern HF Desktop transceivers and HF Mobile radios, due to the exclusive support with our Headset-To-Radio cables for Electret Mics on all radios including those originally with a Dynamic Mic. This allows using the same Mic across several radios without the need to change Mics or have another headset.

The Standard Dual Layer Gel Ear Cushions prove to be far more comfortable for users wearing glasses and provide additional Noise-Cancellation.

radiosport RS60CF-10A Features

  • 24dB Acoustic Noise Reduction – No RFI Issues
  • Special Full-Range Headphone Drivers
  • Special Full-Range Electret-Condenser Mic
  • Industry Standard miniXLR 6-Pin radio port
  • Integrated Push To Talk with Waterproof Cover
  • Aux 3.5mm Stereo Receive Jack (second Op)
  • Black Powder Coat Stainless Steel Headband
  • No-Tools Adjustable headband
  • Gel Ear Cushions!
  • Washable Cotton Ear Covers!
  • Soft Pillow-Top headband cover!
  • Beautiful Carbon Fiber finish
  • Blue 10th Anniversary Logo indicates special components

Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio cables ordered separately, se cables for most common transceivers below. Custom Headset-To-Radio cables available for Commercial and Government/Military applications, contact us if you don’t find what you need. Which cable fits your radio? See this document for help with selecting the correct cable.

This bundle fits;

  • FlexRadio HF Desktop Radios 6400(M)/6600(M)

RS60CF Accessories

RS60CF Spare Parts

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