RAK WisBlock Starter Kit


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The WisBlock Starter Kit is a bundle of WisBlock Base RAK19007 and Core RAK4631 from RAKWireless. By prioritising power efficiency and management, it is the perfect choice for solar powered off grid Meshtastic nodes, routers and repeaters.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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The RAKWireless WisBlock Starter Kit RAK19007 with RAK4631 core, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your Meshtastic development journey. This innovative kit combines cutting-edge hardware and versatile software to empower developers, hobbyists, and professionals alike to create smart, connected devices effortlessly.

At the heart of the WisBlock Starter Kit lies the RAK4631 LoRa module, a powerful and energy-efficient module built on the latest technology, ensuring reliable performance and low power consumption. Paired with the modular WisBlock platform, you have the flexibility to customise and expand your projects effortlessly by simply stacking additional WisBlock modules, sensors, and actuators.

Key Features

  1. Modular Design: The WisBlock platform adopts a modular design, allowing for quick and easy assembly of different modules, sensors, and actuators using a plug-and-play approach. This flexibility enables rapid prototyping and iteration, saving valuable development time.
  2. Comprehensive Sensor Suite: The Starter Kit comes ready to equip with a diverse range of optional sensors, including temperature, humidity, accelerometer, and ambient light sensors, enabling developers to collect a wide array of data for your applications.
  3. Developer-Friendly Environment: Benefit from an intuitive development environment supported by a rich ecosystem of software tools, documentation, and community support, making it easy for developers of all levels to get started. Load the latest Meshtastic firmware using your browser at Meshtastic.org.
  4. Scalable and Cost-Effective: Whether you’re prototyping a simple proof-of-concept or developing a full-scale commercial IoT deployment, the WisBlock platform offers scalability and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to scale your project as needed without breaking the bank.
  5. Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand challenging environments, the WisBlock modules are designed for durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in harsh conditions.

Power Efficiency and Management

  1. Low Power Consumption: The RAK4631 core is engineered for energy efficiency, minimizing power consumption without compromising performance. This ensures prolonged battery life for battery-operated devices, making it ideal for applications requiring long-term deployment in remote or inaccessible locations.
  2. Power Management Capabilities: The WisBlock platform incorporates advanced power management features, including sleep modes and dynamic power scaling, allowing developers to optimize power usage based on the specific requirements of their applications.
  3. Solar Power Compatibility: With support for low-power operation and efficient power management, the WisBlock Starter Kit is compatible with solar power harvesting solutions. This enables the development of energy-autonomous Meshtastic nodes and other IoT devices that can operate indefinitely using renewable energy sources, making it suitable for off-grid applications and environmental monitoring systems.
  4. Battery Monitoring and Optimization: The WisBlock platform provides built-in capabilities for monitoring battery voltage and current consumption in real-time, allowing developers to track power usage and optimize their applications accordingly. This ensures optimal utilization of available power resources and helps prevent unexpected downtime due to depleted batteries.
  5. Power Supply Flexibility: The WisBlock Starter Kit supports a wide range of power supply options, including battery, USB, and external power sources, providing flexibility for different deployment scenarios. This versatility allows developers to adapt their projects to various power supply conditions, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure or standalone applications.

In the Box

  • 1pc WisBlock Base (RAK19007)
  • 1pc WisBlock Core (RAK4631) – Select your frequency band before ordering
  • 1pc LoRa Antenna
  • 1pc BLE (Bluetooth) Antenna

By prioritising power efficiency and management, the RAKWireless WisBlock Starter Kit (RAK19007) with RAL4631 is the perfect choice for solar powered off grid Meshtastic nodes, routers and repeaters.

Load the latest Meshtastic firmware directly using your browser at meshtastic.org


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