MetroPWR FXmaster Mic Equalizer


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FXmaster is an 8 band equaliser with adjustable noise gate, reverb. It is perfect for shaping a sharp DX mic audio or a nice broad ESSB sound.

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FXMASTER is an 8 band equalizer with adjustable noise gate, reverb. This device has the ability to interface any type of studio microphone from different brands and switch it to 2 radios. The high audio quality allows you to transform even new/old radios to make hifi ssb. The audio can be perfectly amplified and equalized to adapt it to any type of microphone. It handles dynamic studio condenser microphones or ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD, and other commercial microphones. All microphones can be connected directly without having to make new connections or adapters. FXMASTER has an internal switch to be able to use 2 radios at the same time.

A led allows to indicate an overflow of the bf signal. It has two XLR studio microphone jack inputs. Through a standard jack / XLR cable it is possible to connect dynamic and condenser studio microphones with phantom power. The +48V phanthom voltage is generated by an internal card that can be purchased as an option.

CONNECTIONS, possibility to connect any type of microphone of any brand without having to redo the connections. Double input for XLR studio microphones and possibility to connect a heil sound headphone.

Through the adjustable NOISE GATE it is possible to eliminate background noise in noisy environments.Also includes an adjustable REVERB to improve the modulations of some microphones. FXMASTER allows you to manage 2 RADIO and switch microphones through a slide switch. Two LEDs indicate PTT and modulation overload.


  • high quality 8 band equalizer
  • adjustable noise gate
  • slow fast attack speed adjustable
  • echo/reverber/delay separately adjustable
  • input/output impedance 600 ohm
  • possibility to connect 2 radios at the same time (switche Radio A/B)
  • double RJ45 output
  • three 8pin + rj45 inputs for commercial microphones
  • possibility to connect 6 types of microphones
  • Heil sound headphone microphone input or other
  • input for dynamic microphones XLR connection
  • optional input for studio microphones with phantom +48V
  • input remote PTT
  • radio speaker pass-through input to power headphones
  • separate input and output mic gain adjustment
  • Overload/ptt led
  • dimension 170x113x50mm (with knobs)
  • rear bracket adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees
  • external power supply 9/13.8V
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