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LBC8ARD Сontroller


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Use the LRC8ARD controller together with any receive antenna switch from Low Band Systems to create an advanced RX antenna system.

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This controller with high quality push buttons is programable and will to control LBS remote coax switches, receive antenna arrays, multiple beverage antnennas, dDistribution systems with band pass filters and Receive Preamplifiers.

Easily programmable to control:

  • Low Band Systems (any of the Beverage Systems, 4SQUARE, 8 Circle, K-98, distriution switches 8A2R, 4A2R)
  • Hi-Z Antennas (HiZ-2, HiZ-4, HiZ-8, HiZ4-8Pro, TriAngular systems)
  • DX Engineering (Four Square, Eight Circle, Beverage Antenna System)

8 relay outputs for direction control;

  • Control 3 lines BCD switches and at the same time 5 more lines for other systems
  • Sink or source
  • 13-25VDC; 0,5A
  • Can use second, high voltage supply for long runs of control cables

You can get the azimuth map customized for your QTH, ask us!

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