PerfoBox Band Pass Filter 200W, 6 Filter Contest Set


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Contest set with six PerfoBox ultimate performance 200 watt transmit band pass filters for 1.8-3.5-7-14-21-28 Mhz contest bands from Low Band Systems.

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The PerfoBox transmit band pass filters from Low Band Systems are high quality devices that eliminates image and harmonic RF interference in multi-radio setups. They are designed to be used in SO2R or Multi-Operator contest efforts or by DXpeditions with more than one station on the air simultaneously.

PerfoBox 200 watts filters are available for each of the nine HF Amateur Bands and offers excellent rejection of 60-90 dB of out-of-band suppression. Each filter is easily identifiable by the laser cut frequency on top of the device which is not only practical, but also makes your station look great.

Band pass filters are also required for use with transmit multiplexers. These passive filters add the isolation needed to allow multiple transceivers to operate on different bands simultaneously using the same antenna.

Read the QST product review of the PerfoBox filters QST PerfoBox Review.

Specifications, typical
Loss less than 0,6 dB
SWR below 1.2:1
Adjacent band rejection 60-90 dB
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connectors SO-239 (UHF)
Dimensions 192x86x65 mm
Weight 0,35 kg

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