3B7A ModMic

ModMic is an attachable / detachable boom microphone using a uni-directional capsule with efficient noise-cancelling perfect to be used in a noisy  DX or contest environment.

Attach it you your favourite noise cancelling headphones and you have the perfect ham radio headset with a high quality communications microphone. Its characteristics makes the microphone pick up more of you and less of the room by attenuating the background noise from amplifier fans, street noise or other operators.

The brand new ModMic line for 2020 builds on the success of the original ModMic and introduces ModMic Uni, ModMic USB and ModMic Wireless.

FT4JA, Juan De Nova 2016 Expedition made 45.273 QSO using the ModMic sponsored by Pileup and Antlion. Read the feedback from the FT4JA team here.

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