How to unlock TX outside of amateur radio bands?

When possible Pileup will perform the modification allowing for transmit outside amateur radio bands upon request. Different manufacturers have different policys regarding unlocking their radios, and some radios are not possible unlocking. We will only apply this mod to transceivers where the “Frequency Extension” mod is listed among the accessories. If it isn’t listed, don’t add it to your order! You can order this mod to be applied at delivery of your new radio, or you can return it to use at anytime to have the mod applied.

NOTE 1: Please note that amateur radio transceivers specifications are guaranteed within amateur radio bands. Use your transceiver in accordance to your licence  and always follow local regulations. You are responsible for any use of your transceiver.

NOTE2: Please note that manufacture warranty in most cases is void when the device is modified!

NOTE3: Under no circumstances will Pileup release any information on how to apply the Frequency Extension mod. In most cases this is a requirement of the manufacturer.