Play the PileupDX quiz 2018 with a chance to win a Xiegu X5105

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Xiegu X5105 Full

The PileupDX quiz 2018 is fun to play. Answer a few easy questions to test your knowledge about DX and Contesting.

Event if you don't get all questions right, we will offer you 10% discount on selected DX and Contest products (see below) and you will also participate in a drawing where you can win a Xiegu X5105 Transceiver and ModMic 5 Premium  attachable boom microphone.

Important: For your chance to win and receive the 10 % discount voucher, you must complete the quiz before November 25, 2018. A drawing to select the winners will be held November 26, 2018 and winners will be contacted by email and announced on January our blog and in social media.

All participants receive a 10% discount voucher on the selected products below. Please note that the 10% discount is deducted from the prices displayed below. You can use this voucher during your next purchase in the store. The discount offer is valid for one purchase, only for the products below and expires on December 31, 2018.

OK, enough mumbo-jumbo, lets get going. Click the NEXT button to start the Quiz. GL!

The approximate height of the D-layer is ?
(this question is worth 5 points)

1 out of 3

On what frequencys can you transmit on the upcoming Icom 9700 ?
(This question is worth 1 point)

2 out of 3

The prefix TJ identifies ?
(this question is worth 2 points)

3 out of 3

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