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The Winter DX Quiz is fun to play. Answer a few easy questions to test your knowledge about DX and Contesting.

Even if you don't get all questions right, we will offer you 5 % discount on all products (exception products on sale ) and you will also participate in a draw where you can win a Modmic-Uni attachable boom microphone.

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The prefix TN identifies ?
(this question is worth 2 points)

How much output power have the new SunSDR2 DX on HF ?
(this question is worth 2 points)

What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?
(this question is worth 4 points)

The new Wireless Modmic - How much is the cost for it ?
(this question is worth 3 points)

The approximate height of the D-layer is ?
(this question is worth 5 points)
What is the name of the international SSB contest that runs in end of March ?
(this question is worth 2 points)

What is the FT 8 frequency on 2 m ?
(this question is worth 4 points)
In ham lingo, an unmarried female ham is known as a "YL" which stands for "young lady". Once she becomes married, what is she called ?
(this question is worth 2 points)
QRP is the Q code for decreasing power. In the amateur radio it is commonly assumed that a station signing as "/QRP" is using 5 watts or less. Whats is the Q code for the opposite, ie increasing power?
(this question is worth 2 points)
What is the model  name  of the Xiegu Transciever beginning with  G ?
(this question is worth 2 points)

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