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Cross Country Wireless HF Active RX Loop 200 kHz to 70 MHz


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The Cross Country Wireless HF Active Loop Antenna is a compact receiving loop with a frequency range of 200 kHz to 70 MHz with extended coverage up to 148 MHz. The antenna can be for all LF, MW and HF professional monitoring and short wave listening. It can also be used for VHF FM reception and will give useful VHF airband reception when mounted outdoors.


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Available on backorder

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The Cross Country Wireless HF Active RX Loop is a triangular loop antenna 1.1m (51″) wide with a built-in low noise high dynamic range RF amplifier. A base unit allows 12V power to be fed up an ethernet cable feeder to the antenna. The antenna current consumption is 150 mA. The base unit also has a two way splitter to provide two separate RF outputs.

Local RF noise rejection of the antenna allows it to be used indoors with good results where outdoor installation is prohibited. In addition to the excellent local noise rejection properties of the loop antenna, transformer isolation, common mode chokes and the balanced pairs in the ethernet cable help keep RF noise away from the antenna element.

The antenna is built from fibre glass and stainless steel with a polycarbonate box housing the amplifier. For outdoor installation a mounting bracket allows it to be mounted to a 50mm (2″) pole using a clamp fitting or a 25mm (1″) using a Stauff clamp for mounting on Clark Mast or Hilomast telescopic masts.

The antenna can be quickly assembled and disassembled to allow portable operation from temporary listening sites with compact storage and easy installation in areas with restricted access.

BNC female connectors are used for the RF output ports on the base unit. RF over-power protection on the antenna and the RF outputs allow the antenna to be used very close (>2m) to transmit antennas and tolerate accidental connection of a transmitter to the RF output sockets for a short period (150W for 30 seconds) without damage. The antenna could be mounted on top of a rotatable HF beam as a low noise diversity reception antenna.

In the box

  • Hardware for a 1 meter triangular loop
  • Mounting kit with fittings for mounting on 50mm (2″) or 25mm (1″) diameter masts
  • Preamplifier, mounts at the antenna base
  • Base unit with 12 volt input and 2 BNC antenna outputs
  • 20 meter of outdoor ethernet cable with fitted connectors to use as feeder

This antenna is complete! You only have to mount it and connect the antenna cable and a 12 volt regulated power supply. Its fast and fun!

See this blog post about Fun with SDR from a city apartment for tips and ideas.

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