X6100: Battery indicator show 8.0V after full charge

Q: The battery indicator show 8.0 volt after full charge, but the manual states it should be 8.3-8.4 volt. Is something wrong with my battery?

A: This is normal behaviour. The 8.3-8.4 volt is measured in open mode, once the battery is connected to the load it is 8 volt. When the X6100 is fully charged and the radio is on, pull out external power connector and the battery voltage indicator will show 8.3-8.4 volt for a second, then drop back to 8.0 volt when all circuits are connected.

The information in the manual is a bit outdated as the battery management system has been updated in the recent Firmware editions. We have asked Xiegu to update the manual on this issue.

Added 2022-04-18