PileupDX summer Quiz

Play the PileupDX summer Quiz with a chance to win a ModMic!

Mod Mic in Action
The PileupDX summer Quiz is fun to play. Answer a few easy questions to test your knowledge about DX and Contesting.

Important: For your chance to win a ModMic, you must complete the quiz before July 31, 2018. A drawing to select the ModMic winners will be held after July 31 and winners will be contacted by email and announced August 15 in our blog and in social media.

OK, enough mumbo-jumbo, lets get going. Click the NEXT button to start the Quiz. GL!

Which is the most remote island on the earth, #2 on Club Logs most wanted list and soon being activated by a 20 operator strong international team?

SDR, Software Defined Radio, is revitalising amateur with new and better ways to log that rare DX or improve your contest score. Tranceivers like the MB1, IC-7610 and SunSDR2 PRO used an architecture called DUC, what does it mean?

The biggest and most famous contest is CQ World Wide DX Contest attracting thousands of participants in October and November every year. But which one contest was the first organised amateur radio contest starting in 1928?

Digital modes are popular and they are very efficient. Older modes like RTTY and PSK31 are still going strong, but in recent time Joe Taylor K1JT has revolutionised weak signal work with JT65 and a handful of other modes. What is the mode released by Joe in June 2017 that is designed for multi-hop Es where signals may be weak and fading, and other situation where you want fast completion of reliable, confirmable QSO's?

QRP is the Q code for decreasing power. In the amateur radio it is commonly assumed that a station signing as "/QRP" is using 5 watts or less. Whats is the Q code for the opposite, ie increasing power?

Finally, can you hear that weak CW signal from the North? It might be Santa sending a greeting... What is it?


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